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Roll on Christmas!

I'm so excited for my first Christmas, as I can see how pumped mum and dad are, so I can't wait!

We also did a family newsletter, which has some lovely photos of us all...

Photo with the Harris'

We're still in Cyprus, but some people are leaving today, so we decided to get a nice photo of my Uncle Dave, Auntie Adele, cousins Joel and Kez, and of course, me, Mummy and Daddy. I've enjoyed playing with them so much this holiday, especially in the pool!

My first time in the sea!

We're in Cyprus at the moment and today I went into the sea for the first time. It was a bit scary to start with and cold on my feet, but soon I was sloshing around and playing the the waves. Grandad took a nice photo of me, Mummy and Daddy.

Big Boy Bed

Last night was my first night in my cot. Mummy was a bit sad I was growing up so fast, but I LOVED it. I can stretch out and my teddies are allowed back in with me now. I still have to have a cat net over me so my cats Gavin and Stacey don't come and snuggle!

Fun with Nana

It's very much fun when Nana comes to visit!

I love smiling

Mummy's new camera is very swish, and she filmed me smiling for Daddy

The Wolfpack

My best friend (apart from Mummy and Daddy) came to visit this weekend. We all went to the park, then lots of my Aunts and Uncles came back to ours for food and games. I had LOTS of cuddles!

Grabbing life with both hands

The other day I started grabbing and holding things, so thats new! This means now I can pick things up on my own, well nearly, at the moment, people have to pass them too me, but still, very exciting!

Tickley feet

My Daddy was tickling my feet and I found it very funny!

Mummy cuddles

This was so much fun. I love a good lie in.

My Beer

My daddy made a beer and named it after me! How cool is that!

Sleepy time

Could I BE any more cosy?!

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Today my Mummy turned 30 and we had a big party. I was enjoyed having so many people in the house. Mummy has lot of friends!

My first smile!

Today I did a big smile for the very first time. Totes emoshe!

To the Zoo

I got to go with Nanny and Keziah (and Mummy and Daddy) to a zoo in Birmingham today. It was another very hot day and I enjoyed being pushed around in my pram by Kez.

Another trip out

I could get used to this. Today we went to a place called Coombe Abbey, which was really nice and a very hot day indeed!

Day trip to the park with Nana

Today we went to Western Park as the weather was nice and we just found out my Daddy has ANOTHER month off to stay home and play. MAZING! It was me, Daddy, Mummy and Nana.

I meet my cousins

They are called Keziah and Joel, and their Daddy is my Mummys Brother. Lots to learn. He is Kezi holding me.

Cuddles with Nana

She is very nice and gives good cuddles.

My very first trip out

Tescos. The glamour.

I AM HOME!!!!!!

Today Mum and Dad brought me home, and we're all now cosy and I can see where I live, and of course meet me cats, Gavin and Stacey.

I get to live with Mummy and Daddy (sort of)

We get to move into a room all together at the hospital. Yay!

My first time leaving the ward

Albeit to the room next door, but still as you can tell, Mummy was proud.

My first cuddle with Daddy

Today my Daddy got to cuddle me for the first time. Very cosy.

I'm Here!!!!!!

I thought I would make an early entrance today, seven whole weeks early. I took Mummy and Daddy by surprise, but they were so happy to see my. I was born on Father's Day, on the 15th June 2014 at 8.57pm, which is a Sunday.

Baby School (for parents)

Mum and Dad had to go to baby school today and change nappies on dollies, which was filled with Marmite. Yuck!

My First Holiday (sort of)

Mum and Dad have gone to Kos in Greece as a last little holiday just them, although I've come along for the ride too. Here is a lovely photo my Daddy has taken inside some old stone theatre.

My New Room

It's coming along quite nicely. I think I'll stay in Mummy and Daddy's room for a bit first though, as it might be a bit scary on my own.

I'm a Boy!

Today was my 20 week scan and we find out I'm a boy!

My Daddy Brought me a Present

Here's Stacey (my cat) and Daddy (my dad) testing it out haha.

I've Got my Mummy's Nose

Thank goodness!

My 12 Week Scan

Today my Mummy and Daddy saw me for the very first time. This is my first ever photo! Can't wait to have some more taken!

My first ever item of clothing

Can't wait to wear it!

Hello World

This is my very first photo, and it's when my mummy and daddy found out they were having me. They were so happy, and couldn't wait to meet me!

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